Safe & Thriving Communities

  1. Public Safety
    We will establish a public safety campaign that encourages us all to take responsibility for our community safety through the encouragement of getting to know your neighbors.
  2. Police Reform
    I will work with the community to develop a comprehensive police reform that will; 1.) hold police officers accountable for reckless and abusive behaviors toward community members. 2.) To create a non-police community response action team for mental health crisis and domestic violence calls.
  3. Environmental Justice
    I will support community environmental advocates who are committed to environmental justice for Ward 5 families. 1.) We will hold businesses and corporations accountable for health disparities as a result of environmental toxins. 2.) Incentive based recycling programs for residential and commercial business in Ward 5 to work towards Zero Waste. 3.) An action-oriented program to reduce lead exposure for children in Ward 5 by providing families with financial assistance for expenses of removal .