Dear Ward 5,

I am walking with you on this journey of building the "Best Ward 5" the Twin Cities has ever seen. We are a community made up of brilliant minds, friendly faces, and kind hearts. I don't believe the hype when they say North Minneapolis is a wasteland. l, like you, know where all the hidden jewels are, and we know that they are waiting to be shined. I don't see our great Northside as a community of disparity; I see a community in transition to prominence. But we have work to do, both within and out.

Like you, I want to live in a community that is flourishing economically, a place with great schools and safe neighborhoods. And together, I commit that we will have these things and so much more. As your public servant, I will work on behalf of the community to bring small minority-owned businesses to Ward 5 that will ultimately extend to job creation. I will work with community schools and programs to expand and create vocational training and trade schools for our residents and youth. 

Let's meet quarterly for a Ward 5 Town Hall Meeting to discuss activities happening at City Hall that affect us; Let's meet for coffee once a month so that I can listen to your concerns and learn about community desires; And most importantly, stop by during my community office hours that are open once a week right here in Ward 5. You won't have to make a trip to City Hall; I will be right here with my door open, ready to meet with you.

I am committed to creating the highest quality of life for our community, and together we will continue to build on the work that is occurring in Ward 5. My commitment is to lead our community to excellence in ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, AFFORDABLE HOUSING & HOMEOWNERSHIP, SAFE & THRIVING COMMUNITIESEDUCATION, and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

In Solidarity,

Raeisha “Ra” Williams